A Conscious Living Lifestyle and why it’s Important

It seems as the pace of our lives moves faster it has become harder to be conscious of anything.  Let alone make choices that are good for the planet.

The question is are we living or simply existing?  We go through the motions of life day after day.  Many of us allowing the media in all of its forms to dictate what those motions are.  Our lives go on with one advertisement or another as background music.

With the advent of the internet everything we do is with the click of a button.  We look for the least expensive items and that’s understandable.  But, research has shown that consumers are willing to pay a little more for products that care about how they affect the environment.

Our beautiful planet is changing and shifting right before our eyes.  And, not for the better if you believe the scientists,  we will run out of water http://youtu.be/YJwhgDpQcXI;  and of course we cannot grow food without water.

This information is a real bummer isn’t it?  It doesn’t have to be.  We can all make a difference and that’s what conscious living is all about.  If we collectively make purchasing choices of products from manufacturers who use eco-friendly packaging, ink, ingredients or repurpose; we are in our own way doing something to make a difference.

Our goal at Evolution Catalog is not just to advertise so that you will make a purchase.  We want you to have confidence in us; that we have made an effort to feature products from manufacturers who have already done the legwork for you.  And to bring you books and films that entertain and inform at the same time.

The Evolution Catalog Staff


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