You must have been living consciously if you have a memory of it…..

How do daily bloggers do it?  I started this blog last week but then I became too busy to finish it.  It is not as easy as it seems. Since our blog is about Conscious Living, I was thinking about how the things we remember from our distant past are either traumatic in nature or memories of  joy and happiness.  Both emotions can make us conscious of our surroundings and what is happening to us and around us.  The rest of the time we tend to melt into semi consciousness.  Sleep walking our way through life.  Anyway, I was listening to a celebrity being interviewed and he was recalling things from his toddler years.  I personally have little memory before 6 or 7 years of age. Occasionally, older memories slip in, like having the mumps.  If some people have memories from as young as two years old, does it say something about my childhood?  Am I blocking things out?  I decided to write about a memory I sometimes think about.

If I had to live my dream I would have been a writer.  I don’t remember when I first fell in love with words but I know that this particular summer contributed to it.  It was the summer of my 3rd or 4th grade and I had elected to take an english class just for the fun of it. Summer school was 2-3 miles from my regular elementary school. Back then, my friends and I either walked or rode our bikes wherever we went, no matter the distance.  Distance was inconsequential. We were riding bikes but our little girl hearts felt as if we were jumping on motorcycles.  We were little Hells Angels on banana seat bikes, it was the same feeling really. The wind blowing through our hair as we pedaled fast and furious and then gliding around corners before coming to a stop by dragging our sneakers. We were fearless warriors as we made our way down and around some of the steepest hills that Los Angeles has to offer. ( I crashed and nearly lost my life once but that’s another story).


You don’t know all the things out of view until you walk or ride a bicycle.  There are sights and smells and sounds that can only be witnessed from ground level. Like the gooey sap that oozes out from tree trunks or the buzzing sound of bumble bee’s going about the business of pollinating flowers.  There are nooks and crannies everywhere. Caves, ravines, riverbeds, an open field or an abandoned house. There was so much life to discover.  We had no fear of people or places. So long as we were home before dark.

That summer I read books about Greek Mythology;; My favorites were The Olympian Gods; Aphrodite :Apollo :: Aris :: Artemis :: Athena :: Hades :: Hephaestus :: Hera :: Hermes :: Hestia :: Poseidon :: Zeus Titans.  Reading about these human like creatures changed my life.  It opened up a world I didn’t know existed.  My love for words and writing had begun.  I had found a way to travel beyond the confines of time and space. Each day that summer I awoke enthusiastically and made the long trek to school.

At some point during the summer I was introduced to a dictionary and decided that I would read it in its entirety. My child brain believed the dictionary and the words inside it finite. Like Alpha and Omega, the dictionary had a beginning and an end. Not to be tampered with.  The word bible if you will. I thought words would stay safely tucked in alphabetical order until the next time I needed to check the accuracy of my spelling or refresh my memory of its meaning.  Sort of like the globe of the world, who knew the globe would change?

The Oxford Online Dictionary in August had a quarterly update with a wide range of words to enter into the English dictionary – from humblebrag to subtweet and binge-watch to acquihire.  Popular culture has once again given us many new slang words, including amazeballs, air punch, and spit take. We have also added several acronyms, such as SMH (shaking my head), ICYMI, and YOLO.  There are plenty of compliments and insults in the update, from adorbs to hench and hot mess to neckbeard. For the tech-savvy, we have Deep Web and pharmacovigilance alongside listicle, clickbait, and quadcopter. WDYT?

These days there are many new words and ways to access them. I find myself using the online dictionary or thesaurus as frequently as I used the hard copies.  It is one item from the future that I would have found handy.  Children now have Ipad’s in their classrooms and Iphones to Google any question they might have.

Still, I don’t think I would trade my past experiences. It was a fresh new world full of promise.  If only I’d known how lucky I was.  I would have lived each day more consciously.  But, there’s still time.


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