Sacred Commerce 2nd Edition by authors Rowan Gabrielle and Ayman Sawaf

With The new year officially upon us I thought I would concentrate this blog about one of our clients who have recently launched the 2nd edition of their book Sacred Commerce; Sacred Commerce 2nd Edition. This is not just a book about commerce but about ideals and ideas on how to move forward with the new tools we have been blessed with to connect business with spirituality and at the same time protect the planet from more harm. Sacred Commerce is not just a book. it is a concept on how to Connect, Learn and Collaborate. It is partly the story of the merchant priests of ancient Egypt. The authors Mrs Rowan Gabrielle and Mr Ayman Sawaf call it “A blueprint for a new humanity”.

Visit the Sacred Commerce homepage to contact the authors and find out more.

Rowan Gabrielle of Sacred Commerce – How Business Can Lead Humanity To Conscious Evolution

Sacred Commerce is the party-cipation of the community in the exchange of products, information, and services that contribute to the revealing of the Divine (i.e. beauty, goodness, and truth) in all, and where spirituality ā€” the return to the Self ā€” is the bottom line.

Let us open our eyes, ears and hearts to explore, and surround ourselves with likeminded individuals whose vision is to approach their lives and earn a living with enthusiasm and hope. Where success does not require squashing the dreams of others or harming the planet but one of mutual participation and respect.


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