Ethos a Time For Change

I only have a quick minute to write about a video that has seen an uprise in popularity over the last couple of months.  When you see trends like this it means that many people are observing the same thing, coming to the same conclusions and thinking about what they can do to make a change.

 The video is narrated by Woody Harrelson.

Visit us at to purchase the film.

There are some people like Barbara Marx Hubbard who believe that change can be affected by “collective thinking” by the masses.

Barbara Marx Hubbard Conscious Evolution


10 Billion Beats The Power of Collective Thought – The following is excerpted;

Such awareness has always been known to a few, ranging from witches spells, and green thumbs, to shaman’s rites, and rain chants. The power of thought has often been disregarded by people who operate using the notion that the only ‘truths’ are defined by what can be seen, or measured by instruments. If an effect can be observed and measured, it’s real; otherwise it’s not accepted as science. This useful principle has guided scientists for a few centuries, but no longer.

To some people, the only aspect worth studying was the result of the mechanical actions of atoms and molecules. Humans were accidental freaks, of no consequence. These notions have been thought of as ‘scientific’. Human emotions such as fear, anger, or love were unimportant and considered ‘not scientific’. Yet, every thought we think and every feeling we have moves ions around in our brain and nervous system. How is this done?


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